Season 1

Episode 1: #101

Original Air Date: Jun 16, 2008

In the Season 1 premiere, secret high-class escort Hannah (a.k.a. "Belle") is skilled at discerning men's secret fantasies and making them come true, but she learns an important lesson in keeping her two lives separate when she slips up with an attractive, difficult client.

Episode 2: #102

Original Air Date: Jun 23, 2008

Belle dresses up for an evening at an exclusive, glamorous society event that's really a secret orgy - except she'd rather experience it with her favorite author, who is a guest at the party, than with the client who paid for her company.

Episode 3: #103

Original Air Date: Jun 30, 2008

Belle has an all-night booking with a client who quickly falls asleep, so she slips down to the hotel's bar and meets another potential client who is interested in hiring her on the spot - but can she successfully pull off a double all-night booking?

Episode 4: #104

Original Air Date: Jul 7, 2008

Belle is hurt when her best friend Ben reveals he's been engaged for weeks, so she considers revealing her secret to him; a client is interested in trying S&M with her, so she learns the ropes (literally) from a skilled dominatrix.

Episode 5: #105

Original Air Date: Jul 14, 2008

Belle is nervous about a three-way with her regular client Ashok and an experienced call girl named Naomi, but the gig goes surprisingly well - a little too well, it turns out; Ben is hurt and confused when Belle reveals her true profession.

Episode 6: #106

Original Air Date: Jul 21, 2008

A negative Internet review leaves Belle with a much-reduced client list, so she follows Ben's advice and takes a little time off - but the break and a one-night stand only leave her missing her work.

Episode 7: #107

Original Air Date: Jul 28, 2008

Belle is shocked when Ben requests that she include him as her partner in a four-way tryst with another couple, but he passes her interview and the two of them end up in an awkward sexual situation.

Episode 8: #108

Original Air Date: Aug 4, 2008

In the Season One finale, Belle is thrilled when she is invited to apply for a position as a high-class, international courtesan, and triumphs over a rigorous vetting process - only to realize that she has sacrificed her freedom and independence.

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