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01/14/2015 - 06/07/2016
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Faith, Hope, Love

Hank flashes back to his turbulent times with Karen and a confused young Becca - and their days with a happier Charlie and Marcy. A run-in with a nun, however, helps him to put things into perspective.

Written by: Tom Kapinos

Directed By: John Dahl

Showtime Advisories
Graphic Language, Adult Content

30 min.


Audio Format
Surround Sound, Dolby Digital 5.1, English/Spanish

Video Format
HDTV, Closed Captioning

Music From This Episode

song title
performed by
House of Pain House of Pain
The White Buffalo
California Sun California Sun
The Ramones
(Go To) California (Go To) California
Rob Zombie
The Darkest Horse The Darkest Horse
T.H. White
Metropol 47 Metropol 47
Mark Kozelek
The Garden That You Planted The Garden That You Planted
Sea Wolf