A Showtime Original Series

Episode 12: The Last Waltz

Season 1 finale. The wedding of Karen and Bill provokes emotional crises.

Hank tries to buy Becca tampons and runs into trouble.


Hank talks with Karen before she gets married.

Up to Youi

Episode 11: Turn The Page

Season 1. Hank discovers Mia is peddling his new manuscript as her own.

Becca says she'd like to live with Hank.

Living With Dadi

A publisher believes Mia's book will be a huge hit.

It's Fantastici

Episode 10: The Devil's Threesome

Season 1. A meeting about a female boxing movie turns into a mini-orgy.

Mia pitches her novel to Dani.

A Noveli

Hank and Charlie discuss the merits of love.

It Ain't Lovei

Episode 9: Filthy Lucre

Season 1. Thanks to a royalty check, Hank embarks on a spending spree.

Hank gets a ride home from the airport from Bill and Karen.

Not Here for Youi

Hank tells Karen that he's written a novel.

I Wrote Somethingi

Episode 8: California Son

Season 1. Hank receives bad news about his father and goes on a bender.

Hank's father is proud Hank has taken his book to the silver-screen.

I'm Proud of Youi

Charlie saves Hank from a pimp looking to get paid.

My Pimpi

Episode 7: Girls, Interrupted

Season 1. A dilemma with Mia interrupts Hank and Karen's temporary bliss.

Hank tries to convince Karen that she has feelings for him.

Happy Endingsi

Hank helps get Karen a job she didn't expect.

An Architecti

Episode 6: Absinthe Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Season 1. Hank and Karen share a romantic moment at Becca's musical debut.

Mia tries to convince Hank to give her some of his writing.

Write Somethingi

Hank and Karen watch Becca perform at the Battle of the Bands.

Are You Cryingi

Episode 5: LOL

Season 1. Language comes between Meredith and Hank, who visits Mia's class.

Hank thinks Bill knows about his past with Mia.

The Confessioni

Hank confesses his disdain for Internet language.

Self Loathingi

Episode 4: Fear And Loathing At The Fundraiser

Season 1. Hank displays his gallant side at an environmental fundraiser.

Hank resists the invitation to go to a fundraiser.

Apathy Killsi

Much to Karen's disappointment, Hank surprises Becca with a cell phone.

Paternal Affectioni

Episode 3: The Whore Of Babylon

Season 1. Hank reconnects with a bad blind date; Charlie is unfaithful.

Karen encourages Hank to continue writing for the blog.

What Else is Therei

Hank fires Charlie for pushing him to do the blog.

You're Firedi

Episode 2: Hell-A Woman

Season 1. Hank accepts a gig as a blogger and romps with a Scientologist.

Hank gets recruited by Hell-A magazine to blog about life in L.A

L.A. Needs Youi

Karen tries to set Hank up with a friend.

Game Oni

Episode 1: Pilot Episode

Series premiere. Hank is dismayed by his new movie and his ex's engagement.

Hank receives some unexpected advice from a nun.

I Have Sinnedi

Hank shows up late to pick up his daughter.

Are You Insanei

Behind the Scenes

A Sit-Down with David Duchovny, Part I

A Sit-Down with David Duchovny, Part Ii

A Sit-Down with David Duchovny, Part II

A Sit-Down with David Duchovny, Part IIi

A Sit-Down with Evan Handler

A Sit-Down with Evan Handleri

A Sit-Down with Madeline Zima

A Sit-Down with Madeline Zimai

A Sit-Down with Natascha McElhone

A Sit-Down with Natascha McElhonei

A Sit-Down with Tom Kapinos

A Sit-Down with Tom Kapinosi


He's Trying

He's Tryingi

Hank & Karen

Hank & Kareni