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Episode 12: La Petite Mort

Season 2 finale. Hank completes his book; Karen takes a job in New York.

Episode 11: Blues From Laurel Canyon

Season 2. Ashby hosts a party to celebrate the publication of Mia's book.

Episode 10: In Utero

Season 2. Awaiting test results, Hank reflects on his love of Karen.

Episode 9: La Ronde

Season 2. Hank declines an erotic offer; Karen goes on a date with Ashby.

Episode 8: Going Down And Out In Beverly Hills

Season 2. Hank interviews the long-lost former flame of producer Lew Ashby.

Episode 7: In A Lonely Place

Season 2. Hank meets an attractive teacher - but she's also Damien's mom.

Episode 6: Coke Dick & The First Kick

Season 2. Hank hunts for Lew's first love; Mia is trailed by a reporter.

Episode 5: Vaginatown

Season 2. Single-again Hank moves in with Lew; Charlies invests in porn.

Episode 4: The Raw & The Cooked

Season 2. Hank and Karen throw a titanically disastrous dinner party.

Episode 3: No Way To Treat A Lady

Season 2. Hank's biography of Lew is complicated by a hooker both men know.

Episode 2: The Great Ashby

Season 2. Hank befriends a legendary record producer; Charlie is fired.

Episode 1: Slip Of The Tongue

Season 2 premiere. Hank and Karen's happy reunion is extremely short-lived.

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