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Episode 11: Blues From Laurel Canyon

Season 2. Ashby hosts a party to celebrate the publication of Mia's book.

Hank and Karen leave Lew's party.

Under Estimatedi

Hank is accused of being a character in Mia's book.

Finger Printsi

Episode 1: Slip Of The Tongue

Season 2 premiere. Hank and Karen's happy reunion is extremely short-lived.

Hank has to turn down an old flame.

Baby Mamai

Behind the Scenes

Evan Handler discusses the evolution of Charlie's relationship with Hank.

A Sit-Down with Evan Handleri

Natascha McElhone discusses Karen and Becca's relationship.

A Sit-Down with Natascha McElhonei

David Duchovny discusses Hank's ability to stay monogamous.

A Sit-Down with David Duchovnyi

Pamela Adlon discusses Marcy's turbulent relationship with Charlie.

A Sit-Down with Pamela Adloni

Madeline Zima discusses whereabouts of Mia's father.

A Sit-Down with Madeline Zimai