A Showtime Original Series

Episode 12: La Petite Mort

Season 2 finale. Hank completes his book; Karen takes a job in New York.

Karen tells Hank she is moving to New York for a dream job.

Dream Jobi

Becca talks to Hank and Karen about her broken heart.

Broken Hearti

Episode 11: Blues From Laurel Canyon

Season 2. Ashby hosts a party to celebrate the publication of Mia's book.

Hank is accused of being a character in Mia's book.

Finger Printsi

Hank and Karen leave Lew's party.

Under Estimatedi

Episode 10: In Utero

Season 2. Awaiting test results, Hank reflects on his love of Karen.

Lew visits Karen to check up on Hank.

Hank vs. Lewi

Hank comes to Charlie for advice.

Wasted Timei

Episode 9: La Ronde

Season 2. Hank declines an erotic offer; Karen goes on a date with Ashby.

Lew surprises Karen with a private concert.

Beautiful Eveningi

Daisy blows off a date to be with Charlie.

Friends Don't Let Friends Wallowi

Episode 8: Going Down And Out In Beverly Hills

Season 2. Hank interviews the long-lost former flame of producer Lew Ashby.

Karen confronts Lew about dating Mia.

Young Girlsi

Hank looks to finish his interrupted interview.

Hockey Dadi

Episode 7: In A Lonely Place

Season 2. Hank meets an attractive teacher - but she's also Damien's mom.

Karen asks Hank if he knows anything about Mia's older man.

Older Meni

Hank and Karen discuss their relationship with Becca's teacher.

My Favoritei

Episode 6: Coke Dick & The First Kick

Season 2. Hank hunts for Lew's first love; Mia is trailed by a reporter.

Marcy comes home to find her house is a movie set.

New Locationi

Hank wants Karen to tell Sonja about Julian's infidelity.

Open Relationshipi

Episode 5: Vaginatown

Season 2. Single-again Hank moves in with Lew; Charlies invests in porn.

Lew cooks breakfast for Hank after a long night.


Hank picks Becca up at school and runs into Karen.


Episode 4: The Raw & The Cooked

Season 2. Hank and Karen throw a titanically disastrous dinner party.

Hank drops to one knee to convince Karen to marry him.

Will You Marry Me?i

Becca's beliefs come under fire.

Raising an Eyebrowi

Episode 3: No Way To Treat A Lady

Season 2. Hank's biography of Lew is complicated by a hooker both men know.

Becca prepares for her first day at a new school.

Another Bricki

Hank and Lew fight for supremacy.

Happily Ever Afteri

Episode 2: The Great Ashby

Season 2. Hank befriends a legendary record producer; Charlie is fired.

Becca and Karen visit Hank in jail.

Silent Treatmenti

Lew Ashby asks Hank to write his book.


Episode 1: Slip Of The Tongue

Season 2 premiere. Hank and Karen's happy reunion is extremely short-lived.

Hank verbally assaults another writer.

For Nowi

Hank has to turn down an old flame.

Baby Mamai

Behind the Scenes

Madeline Zima discusses whereabouts of Mia's father.

A Sit-Down with Madeline Zimai

Evan Handler discusses the evolution of Charlie's relationship with Hank.

A Sit-Down with Evan Handleri

David Duchovny discusses Hank's ability to stay monogamous.

A Sit-Down with David Duchovnyi

Natascha McElhone discusses Karen and Becca's relationship.

A Sit-Down with Natascha McElhonei

Pamela Adlon discusses Marcy's turbulent relationship with Charlie.

A Sit-Down with Pamela Adloni