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Episode 12: Mia Culpa

Season 3 finale. Karen learns of Hank's long-hidden dalliance with Mia.

Episode 11: Comings & Goings

Season 3. A campus mixer results in a duel between the host and Hank.

Episode 10: Dogtown

Season 3. Hank takes Charlie out to console him over losing his job.

Episode 9: Mr. Bad Example

Season 3. Hank's illicit exploits with his boss's wife are exposed.

Episode 8: The Apartment

Season 3. An epic showdown of everyone in Hank's life occurs at his house.

Episode 7: So Here's The Thing ...

Season 3. Hank's multiple lovers sabotage his effort to make up with Karen.

Episode 6: Glass Houses

Season 3. Karen's visit is interrupted by trouble with Becca and Chelsea.

Episode 5: Slow Happy Boys

Season 3. Hank and an old buddy enjoy a debauched "bachelors' weekend."

Episode 4: Zoso

Season 3. Hank seeks answers about a talented student's poor attendance.

Episode 3: Verities & Balderdash

Season 3. Hank consoles his jilted assistant at a university mixer.

Episode 2: The Land Of Rape And Honey

Season 3. Hank lands in hot water over his critique of a student's work.

Episode 1: Wish You Were Here

Season 3 premiere. Hank struggles with his new role as a single father.

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