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Episode 12: Mia Culpa

Season 3 finale. Karen learns of Hank's long-hidden dalliance with Mia.

Collini asks Runkle to be her agent.

My Memoiri

Mia invites Hank and Karen to her book signing.

Footloose and Fancy Freei

Episode 11: Comings & Goings

Season 3. A campus mixer results in a duel between the host and Hank.

Hank and Karen talk after having sex.

The Joy of Sexi

Charlie and Marcy learn that someone has made an offer to purchase their house.

We Have an Offeri

Episode 10: Dogtown

Season 3. Hank takes Charlie out to console him over losing his job.

Karen, Becca and Marcy dine together during a girl's night out.

Sewing It Upi

After their sexuality is questioned, Hank defends Charlie.

No Surrender i

Episode 9: Mr. Bad Example

Season 3. Hank's illicit exploits with his boss's wife are exposed.

Hank and the Dean both receive a phone call from the girls' school.

That's My Girli

Marcy waits for a call from Rick Springfield.

My Dream Crushi

Episode 8: The Apartment

Season 3. An epic showdown of everyone in Hank's life occurs at his house.

Hank video chats with Karen in New York.

Skypus Interruptusi

Rick Springfield and Charlie show up at Hank's apartment to find him in a predicament.

Comatose Stripperi

Episode 7: So Here's The Thing ...

Season 3. Hank's multiple lovers sabotage his effort to make up with Karen.

Charlie and Collini visit her most important client (played by Peter Fonda).

About My Legacyi

Hank and Charlie go for a morning jog.

With the Best of Themi

Episode 6: Glass Houses

Season 3. Karen's visit is interrupted by trouble with Becca and Chelsea.

Marcy meets Rick Springfield.

Rick Springfieldi

Karen confronts Hank about their arrangement for Becca.

This Whole Arrangementi

Episode 5: Slow Happy Boys

Season 3. Hank and an old buddy enjoy a debauched "bachelors' weekend."

Charlie, Marcy, Hank and his childhood friend Zloz attend a party at the Collini house.

Master of the Oral Artsi

Hank drops Becca off at the airport to visit Karen in New York.

Wild Blue Yonderi

Episode 4: Zoso

Season 3. Hank seeks answers about a talented student's poor attendance.

Marcy and Charlie prepare the apartment for prospective buyers.

Sell the Placei

Hank takes Becca on an ill-fated shopping spree.

Killing Me Softlyi

Episode 3: Verities & Balderdash

Season 3. Hank consoles his jilted assistant at a university mixer.

Felicia Coons invites Hank to an English department mixer at her home.

No Means No i

Runkle and Collini meet with prospective client Rick Springfield.

Raw Dog the Top Shelf i

Episode 2: The Land Of Rape And Honey

Season 3. Hank lands in hot water over his critique of a student's work.

Hank's student Balt comes in during office hours and reveals his true feelings toward the professor.

Brutal Truthi

Hank, Becca, Charlie and Marcy eat dinner when an unexpected guest arrives.

Nubian Brotheri

Episode 1: Wish You Were Here

Season 3 premiere. Hank struggles with his new role as a single father.

Hank meets Felicia Koons, the mother of Becca's new best friend.

Becca's Fatheri

Meet Sue Collini, Runkle's new boss.

All Yours Suei

Behind the Scenes

David Duchovny discusses Hank's hopes in the coming season.

Mapping it Out: David Duchovnyi

Ed Westwick discusses his character Balt, and working with David Duchovny.

Raw: Ed Westwicki

Eva Amurri talks about female fantasies and what it's like to play a stripper.

Stripping Bruises: Eva Amurrii

Evan Handler comments on Charlie's downfall, baring his rear end on television, and stripper thongs.

On the Skids: Evan Handleri

Pamela Adlon discusses the state of the Runkle marriage and collaborating with the cast.

Marsupial: Pamela Adloni

Natascha McElhone talks about the evolving relationships in season three.

Doing Her Own Thing: Natascha McElhonei

Rick Springfield discusses how the show relates to his personal life and his ever-popular hit "Jesse's Girl."

Twisted Me: Rick Springfieldi

Kathleen Turner talks about acting for television and her experience directing.

Ball Breaking: Kathleen Turneri

Embeth Davidtz talks about the risque script and the inner thoughts of her character, Felicia.

Naughty Take: Embeth Davidtzi

Madeleine Martin talks about what Becca discovers in season three.

Craving Normalcy: Madeleine Martini

Peter Gallagher discusses Dean Koons and working alongside David Duchovny.

Dean Koons: Peter Gallagheri

Fans chat live with Californication star David Duchovny. Streamed live from NYC on Friday, December 11th 2009.

David Duchovny Video Chati

David Duchovny talks about the beginning of his acting career and growing up in NYC.

Hangin' with David Duchovnyi

The author of The Girl Code guest stars as Jill Robinson, Hank's teaching assistant.

Diane Farr Guest Starsi

The guest stars discuss their roles as the Dean and Felicia.

Peter Gallagher & Embeth Davidtzi

Westwick guest stars as Balt, one of Hank's students with a fascination for vampire literature.

Ed Westwick Guest Starsi

Amurri discusses playing Jackie, Hank's promising young student who moonlights as a stripper.

Eva Amurri Guest Starsi

Turner guest stars as the outlandish Sue Collini, Charlie's tough new boss/agency-head with a thing for her newest employee.

Kathleen Turner Guest Starsi

The rocker turned actor talks about playing a version of himself, one of Charlie's newest clients.

Rick Springfield Guest Starsi

Pamela Adlon (Californication's Marcy Runkle) hangs out with a group of LA divorcees to discuss life as a cougar in the City of Angels.

Marcy's Cougar Partyi

Using Californication as inspiration, Architect Markus Dochantschi turned the master bedroom in Metropolitan Home s Showtime House into a Hank Moody hideaway.

SHO House: Hank's Hideawayi

Landscape Architect Susannah Drake transformed a patio at Metropolitan Home's Showtime House into a Californication-inspired retreat.

SHO House: Californication Retreati

Joannah Kornak, Senior Creative Director at Holly Hunt took on Californication and designed one of Hank favorite hangouts, the bedroom.

SHO House: Californication Bedroomi

Pamela Adlon (Marcy Runkle) introduces the cast and crew of Californication and gives a behind the scenes look at the set.

Californication Video Diary Part Onei

Pamela Adlon (Marcy Runkle) sneaks her camera into a voiceover recording session for Californication.

Californication Video Diary Part Twoi


Hank Moody upholds his reputation in an all new season of Californication, premiering September 27th at 10PM ET/PT.

Californication Season 3 Traileri