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Episode 12: Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be

Season 5 finale. Hank wonders if he's in Hell when he visits a local bar.

Episode 11: The Party

Season 5. His loved ones gather to bid farewell to the departing Hank.

Episode 10: Perverts & Whores

Season 5. Hank seeks new representation and meets one of his idols.

Episode 9: At The Movies

Season 5. Hank's rendezvous with a leading lady puts his movie in jeopardy.

Episode 8: Raw

Season 5. Hank reads Tyler's script; Charlie's "love quadrangle" heats up.

Episode 7: Here I Go Again

Season 5. Hank covers for the drunken Richard in order to support Karen.

Episode 6: Love Song

Season 5. Hank tries to write a song to help Sam break his musical block.

Episode 5: The Ride-Along

Season 5. Hank and Charlie go on an eventful ride-along with the police.

Episode 4: Waiting For The Miracle

Season 5. Hank reluctantly invites his ex-girlfriend to a dinner party.

Episode 3: Boys & Girls

Season 5. Hank delivers a script then tries to leave L.A. without success.

Episode 2: The Way Of The Fist

Season 5. Hank discovers a surprising connection to director Peter Berg.

Episode 1: JFK --> LAX

Season 5 premiere. Years later, Hank returns to L.A. to write a movie.

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