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Episode 12: I'll Lay My Monsters Down

Season 6 finale. Hank, Charlie and Marcy all make big decisions.

Episode 11: The Abby

Hank and Faith join forces. Karen has an epiphany about Becca.

Episode 10: Blind Faith

Hank seeks comfort from Faith. Becca has some big news.

Episode 9: Mad Dogs & Englishmen

Hank gets a taste of his own medicine with Karen.

Episode 8: Everybody's A F**king Critic

Becca contemplates career choices. Charlie and Stu try to win back Marcy.

Episode 7: The Dope Show

Hank and Becca meet Atticus' house guest, Marilyn Manson (HIMSELF).

Episode 6: In The Clouds

Karen asks Hank to intervene with Becca. The boys fly to NYC.

Episode 5: Rock And A Hard Place

Ken discovers Charlie's secret. Marcy makes a decision about Stu.

Episode 4: Hell Bent For Leather

Becca proves she inherited some of Hank's best qualities.

Episode 3: Dead Rock Stars

Hank and Faith attend a funeral. Robbie Mac takes Charlie out on the town.

Episode 2: Quitters

Charlie takes drastic action to land an out-and-proud actor as a client.

Episode 1: The Unforgiven

Season 6 premiere. Charlie and Hank meet rocker Atticus Fetch.

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