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James Remar

"Sexy, charismatic, handsome." These are words used to describe James Remar (as Richard Wright in SEX AND THE CITY) "Mysterious, intelligent, forceful." Words also used to describe James Remar (WHAT LIES BENEATH, directed by Robert Zemeckis). When audiences and critics use such diverse words to describe one man's work, you know they are talking about an actor who completely transforms himself into whatever character he is called upon to play. Powerful screen presence has always been the hallmark of James' career.


Whether he is playing a streetwise gang kid (Ajax, THE WARRIORS, directed by Walter Hill), or a billionaire playboy (Richard Wright, SEX AND THE CITY) James' impact on the character he is playing is so complete that these characters have become memorable icons of American movie history.


Remar's early training with Sanford Meisner at the Neighborhood Playhouse and later with Stella Adler helped give him a tremendous dedication to authenticity in his work.


This dedication led to James playing parts so truthfully that while the characters (Ganz, 48 HOURS) are extremely vivid, James Remar himself remains something of a mystery.  Having played a gay Nazi hustler opposite Richard Gere in BENT on Broadway, a hard, yet sympathetic narcotics detective opposite Matt Dillon in Gus Van Sant's independent classic DRUGSTORE COWBOY, all the way to the tough customs agent in Jon Singleton's smash hit 2 FAST 2 FURIOUS, it's hard to believe they are the same guy! (They are the same guy.)


James' physical presence and dedication to a truthful performance has given him the pleasure of appearing in over 50 feature films, in numerous television projects (both episodic and long form), and on the New York stage. He has played historical figures, General Omar Bradley opposite Tom Selleck (2004) in IKE: COUNTDOWN TO D-DAY, and Dutch Schultz in THE COTTON CLUB directed by Francis Coppola (1983). Whether playing fictional or historical characters, James brings a wonderful watchability to whatever he does.


Remar's work has been honored with an Academy Award as the star of the 1991 Best Live Action short subject SESSION MAN, and a SAG award for best ensemble comedy cast SEX AND THE CITY (2001).


Remar has also appeared in the hit films, THE UNBORN, as the father to Odette Yustman’s character in the supernatural hit, directed by David S. Goyer, and the Judd Apatow Production PINEAPPLE EXPRESS with David Gordon Green (SNOW ANGELS) directed by and starring Seth Rogen and James Franco.


Remar was seen in Matthew Vaughn’s X-MEN: FIRST CLASS for 20th Century Fox. He plays a U.S. General in the movie dealing with the Cuban Missile Crisis. Remar was also seen in SETUP opposite Bruce Willis and Ryan Phillipe.

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