A Showtime Original Series

Episode 12: Born Free

Season 1 finale. Dexter attempts to rescue his loved one from Ice Truck.

Paul tries to convince Rita that Dexter had a hand in his arrest.

Not Who You Thinki

Dexter investigates Rudy's house looking for clues.

His Happy Placei

Episode 11: Truth Be Told

Season 1. Ice Truck entraps Dexter by kidnapping someone close to him.

The Ice Truck Killer sings a Christmas carol.

Deck the Hallsi

Dexter searches for Rudy's DNA.


Episode 10: Seeing Red

Season 1. A crime scene forces Dexter to confront a suppressed memory.

The police department gets a surprising gift.

Jar of Bloodi

Dexter makes his way to a horrific scene.

Pretty Bad in Therei

Episode 9: Father Knows Best

Season 1. Dexter learns that his biological father has left him a house.

Angel and Doakes chase down a man with a grocery bag.


Dexter looks for information about his father's death.

Breaking and Enteringi

Episode 8: Shrink Wrap

Season 1. A visit to a murder suspect reveals secrets from Dexter's past.

Dexter finds dirt on his doctor.

The Good Doctori

Dexter confesses his dark secrets to his therapist.

I'm a Serial Killeri

Episode 7: Circle Of Friends

Season 1. Dexter doubts his department's new ID of the Ice Truck Killer.

Angel and Debra think they may have found the Ice Truck Killer.

Cover the Exitsi

La Guerta tries to get the truth out of the suspected Ice Truck Killer.

The Fun Partsi

Episode 6: Return To Sender

Season 1. The Ice Truck Killer leaves Dexter a surprise at a crime scene.

Dexter fears the end may be approaching

All Serial Killersi

Dexter begins to accept his fate.


Episode 5: Love American Style

Season 1. Homicide buzzes after Ice Truck leaves a victim hurt but alive.

Dexter and his girlfriend are sitting around eating lunch.

Next Leveli

The detectives crowed around a microscope.


Episode 4: Let's Give The Boy A Hand

Season 1. The Ice Truck Killer leaves clues relating to Dexter's past.

The detectives try to figure out where the next limb will be dropped.


Dexter tries to deal with Rita's dog problem.

Crying Dogi

Episode 3: The Popping Cherry

Season 1. Dexter thinks his boss is pursuing the wrong Ice Truck suspect.

An ice rink provides Dexter with an appreciated gift.

Christmas Morningi

Dexter comforts his girlfriend after her car is stolen.

The Past Behindi

Episode 2: Crocodile

Season 1. A rival serial murderer reveals that he knows Dexter's secret.

The Ice-truck Killer leaves behind another clue.

Finger Tipsi

Dexter and Angel find new information at a crime scene.

Stray Bloodi

Episode 1: Dexter

Season 1 premiere. A forensic analyst has a double life as a serial killer.

Dexter tracks down a victim.

Copper Plumbingi

Dexter admires the work of another.

No Bloodi

Dexter hands out donuts at the precint.

Donut Dexi

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