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Episode 12: The British Invasion

Season 2 finale. Dexter's off the hook in the Bay Harbor Butcher case.

Dexter thinks he and Lila are one in the same.

I'm Just Like Youi

Dexter desperately races back to the cabin.

I Need a Miraclei

Episode 11: Left Turn Ahead

Season 2. Dexter must determine the fates of those he cares about most.

Dexter considers turning himself in.

Taking Responsibilityi

Doakes has been spotted and the task force is hot on his trail.

3.49 For Regulari

Episode 10: There's Something About Harry

Season 2. Dexter's world comes crumbling down when secrets are revealed.

LaGuerta refuses to believe Doakes is the Bay Harbor Butcher.

I Know Himi

Dexter's plan is coming together.

So Closei

Episode 9: Resistance Is Futile

Season 2. Dexter's worst enemy is the first to learn of his bloody secret.

Lundy's new suspect comes from within Miami Metro P.D.

In His Crosshairsi

Doakes needs help from of an old friend in Haiti.

An Old Friendi

Episode 8: Morning Comes

Season 2. Dexter sees his mother's killer; Debra and Lundy find a clue.

Agent Lundy grills Dexter on some suspicious blood work that led to a killer getting away.

Sloppy Blood Worki

The notes of a past witness could help track down the Bay Harbor Butcher.

Run That Platei

Episode 7: That Night, A Forest Grew

Season 2. The pursuers of the "Bay Harbor Butcher" receive his manifesto.

It's Dexter

It's Dexteri



Episode 6: Dex, Lies, And Videotape

Season 2. A new copycat killer claims to be inspired by Dexter's "work."

Rita learns that Dexter's mother is dead.

Forgot the Breadi

Agent Lundy and Dexter discuss the Bay Harbor Butcher.

Identity Crisisi

Episode 5: The Dark Defender

Season 2. Dexter finds his mother's killer - and that old habits die hard.

A comic store worker creates an alter-ego for Dexter.

The Dark Defenderi

The task force knows the killer's boat is in one of three harbors.

The Killer's Boati

Episode 4: See-Through

Season 2. Dexter attempts to throw FBI Agent Lundy off his bloody trail.

Masuka discovers a big break in the Bay Harbor Butcher case.

Big Breaki

Rita wants the Bay Harbor Butcher caught.


Episode 3: An Inconvenient Lie

Season 2. Dexter's inability to deceive mistakenly lands him in drug rehab.

Dexter can't stop a murderer before he strikes again.

Credit Checki

A task force is assigned to find the Bay Harbor Butcher.

A Relative Amateuri

Episode 2: Waiting To Exhale

Season 2. Dexter trails a victim; an FBI agent arrives to open a new case.

More details about the bodies found in the harbor are revealed.

Bay Harbor Butcheri

Dexter bemoans his inability to kill.

Controlled Dexteri

Episode 1: It's Alive!

Season 2 premiere. Dexter is unable to kill again; Debra returns to work.

Dexter stalks a voodoo store owner.

Death Cursei

Dexter fears he'll never get his next victim.

A Mountain to Climbi

Behind the Scenes

SHOrts: Michael C. Hall

SHOrts: Michael C. Halli

Michael C. Hall discusses how he gets in and out of character.

A Sit-Down with Michael C. Hall, Part Ii

Michael C. Hall discusses the complicated relationship between Dexter and Doakes.

A Sit-Down with Michael C. Hall, Part IIi

Erik King discusses drawing from his past to sculpt the character of Doakes.

A Sit-Down with Erik Kingi

Lauren Velez talks about LaGuerta's bond with Dexter.

A Sit-Down with Lauren Velezi

Jennifer Carpenter discusses the complex relationship between Dexter and his sister.

A Sit-Down with Jennifer Carpenteri

Julie Benz discusses what it's like to date a serial killer.

A Sit-Down with Julie Benzi

C.S. Lee discusses Masuka's close working relationship with Dexter.

A Sit-Down with C.S. Leei

David Zayas talks about Detective Batista's friendship with Dexter.

A Sit-Down with David Zayasi

Dexter's Red Fountains

Dexter's Red Fountainsi


Jugular Tease

Jugular Teasei