A Showtime Original Series

Episode 12: Do You Take Dexter Morgan?

Season 3 finale. Dexter briefly relaxes with Miguel out of the picture.

Episode 11: I Had A Dream

Season 3. Dexter must get rid of Miguel; Debra finds a new Skinner clue.

Episode 10: Go Your Own Way

Season 3. Dexter and Miguel vie for the upper hand in their relationship.

Episode 9: About Last Night

Season 3. The friendship between Dexter and Miguel becomes strained.

Episode 8: The Damage A Man Can Do

Season 3. Dexter whets Miguel's appetite for blood by revealing his Code.

Episode 7: Easy As Pie

Season 3. Dexter begins selecting his victims in partnership with Miguel.

Episode 6: Si Se Puede

Season 3. Dexter suspects Miguel has discovered his secret; Rita is fired.

Episode 5: Turning Biminese

Season 3. Dexter tracks a fugitive wife murderer to the island of Bimini.

Episode 4: All In The Family

Season 3. Dexter scrambles to convince Rita that his proposal is sincere.

Episode 3: The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Season 3. Dexter struggles with his growing friendship with Miguel.

Episode 2: Finding Freebo

Season 3. Every cop in Miami is on the trail of Dexter's latest target.

Episode 1: Our Father

Season 3 premiere. Dexter targets a dope dealer, crossing an Assistant D.A.

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