A Showtime Original Series

Episode 12: Do You Take Dexter Morgan?

Season 3 finale. Dexter briefly relaxes with Miguel out of the picture.

Laguerta comes to Dexter for advice about Miguel.


The police search Dexter's apartment for evidence.

Dexter's Apartmenti

Episode 11: I Had A Dream

Season 3. Dexter must get rid of Miguel; Debra finds a new Skinner clue.

Dexter is confronted by Harry as he struggles to free himself.

How It Endsi

Debra meets with Anton to go over his statement.

Words Don't Say Iti

Episode 10: Go Your Own Way

Season 3. Dexter and Miguel vie for the upper hand in their relationship.

Dexter meets Anton for the first time.

Plus Onei

Miguel blackmails Dexter.

Family Is Sacredi

Episode 9: About Last Night

Season 3. The friendship between Dexter and Miguel becomes strained.

Dexter checks up on Miguel.

Concerned Friendi

Dexter becomes suspicious about Miguel's honesty.

With Our Own Handsi

Episode 8: The Damage A Man Can Do

Season 3. Dexter whets Miguel's appetite for blood by revealing his Code.

Miguel wants to get his hands dirty.


Dexter watches as the police department acts on their lead.

Life As I Know Iti

Episode 7: Easy As Pie

Season 3. Dexter begins selecting his victims in partnership with Miguel.

Dexter tries to put together his wedding list during a briefing.

Wedding Listi

Miguel wants to expose his adversary to Dexter.

True Colorsi

Episode 6: Si Se Puede

Season 3. Dexter suspects Miguel has discovered his secret; Rita is fired.

Miguel set his plan into action.

This All Endsi

Debra and Dexter think about who the 'skinner' could be.

There's Your Motivei

Episode 5: Turning Biminese

Season 3. Dexter tracks a fugitive wife murderer to the island of Bimini.

Miguel gives Dexter a lead on possible prey.

My Brand of Justicei

Dexter doesn't want to go house hunting with Rita.


Episode 4: All In The Family

Season 3. Dexter scrambles to convince Rita that his proposal is sincere.

Yuki tries to turn Deborah against a fellow detective.

The Reporti

Miguel tries to convince Dexter to share their secret with Ramon.

All the Way Downi

Episode 3: The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Season 3. Dexter struggles with his growing friendship with Miguel.

Oscar makes sure Dexter took care of Freebo.

Our Friendi

Oscar tries to get Maria to slow the investigation.

Slow the Investigationi

Episode 2: Finding Freebo

Season 3. Every cop in Miami is on the trail of Dexter's latest target.

Rita lets Dexter know her decision regarding the baby.

A Decisioni

Deborah needs Dexter's help solving a murder.

Getting Interestedi

Episode 1: Our Father

Season 3 premiere. Dexter targets a dope dealer, crossing an Assistant D.A.

Dexter plans his next killing.

Sacred Pacti

Rita and Dexter's life is falling into place.


Behind the Scenes

Jennifer Carpenter discusses Debra as an aunt

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C.S. Lee discusses the appeal of Masuka

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Michael C. Hall discusses being a father

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Marc Ecko talks about the upcoming Dexter video game for the iPhone.

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New seasons of Dexter and Californication kick off with a party.

Dexter & Californication Premiere Partyi