A Showtime Original Series

Episode 1: Our Father

Season 3 premiere. Dexter targets a dope dealer, crossing an Assistant D.A.

Dexter plans his next killing.

Sacred Pacti

Rita and Dexter's life is falling into place.


Behind the Scenes

David Zayas discusses his season highlights

A Sit-Down with David Zayasi

C.S. Lee discusses the appeal of Masuka

A Sit-Down with C.S. Leei

Michael C. Hall discusses being a father

A Sit-Down with Michael C. Halli

Julie Benz discusses Rita's feelings about Dexter as a father

A Sit-Down with Julie Benzi

Jennifer Carpenter discusses Debra as an aunt

A Sit-Down with Jennifer Carpenteri

Lauren Velez discusses working with Jimmy Smits

A Sit-Down with Lauren Velezi

Marc Ecko talks about the upcoming Dexter video game for the iPhone.

Dexter Video Gamei

New seasons of Dexter and Californication kick off with a party.

Dexter & Californication Premiere Partyi