A Showtime Original Series

Episode 12: The Big One

Season 5 finale. Dexter realizes he and Lumen are being lured into a trap.

Episode 11: Hop A Freighter

Season 5. Dexter finally concedes that someone is pursuing him and Lumen.

Episode 10: In The Beginning

Season 5. Dexter discovers an ally in pursuing Lumen's former captors.

Episode 9: Teenage Wasteland

Season 5. Dexter and Lumen are surprised by an unexpected guest.

Episode 8: Take It

Season 5. Dexter and Lumen stalk a violent killer at a self-help seminar.

Episode 7: Circle Us

Season 5. Dexter investigates a horrific crime; Debra confronts killers.

Episode 6: Everything Is Illumenated

Season 5. Dexter hunts a target, but is distracted by a new acquaintance.

Episode 5: First Blood

Season 5. Dexter is saddled with an unwanted conspirator.

Episode 4: Beauty And The Beast

Season 5. Dexter has to save a life for once instead of taking one.

Episode 3: Practically Perfect

Season 5. To free up time to stalk and kill victims, Dexter hires a nanny.

Episode 2: Hello Bandit

Season 5. Dexter fights his dark urges but ends up stalking a new victim.

Episode 1: My Bad

Season 5 premiere. Reeling from Rita's murder, Dexter makes a big decision.


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