A Showtime Original Series

Episode 12: This Is The Way The World Ends

Season 6 finale. Dexter races a lunar eclipse to nab the Doomsday Killers.

Episode 11: Talk To The Hand

Season 6. Dexter realizes he must create a macabre tableau of his own.

Episode 10: Ricochet Rabbit

Season 6. Dexter tries to figure out the Doomsday Killers' next victim.

Episode 9: Get Gellar

Season 6. Dexter receives unexpected help in hunting the Doomsday Killers.

Episode 8: Sin Of Omission

Season 6. Dexter uses Brother Sam's lessons to follow new Doomsday leads.

Episode 7: Nebraska

Season 6. Dexter teams up with a fellow Dark Passenger in Nebraska.

Episode 6: Just Let Go

Season 6. Dexter's needs are awakened by a very personal case.

Episode 5: The Angel Of Death

Season 6. The Doomsday Killers search takes Dexter in a new direction.

Episode 4: A Horse Of A Different Color

Season 6. Disturbing events cause Dexter to have a serious crisis of faith.

Episode 3: Smokey And The Bandit

Season 6. A serial killer from Dexter's past is a glimpse of his future.

Episode 2: Once Upon A Time

Season 6. Dexter meets a minister he realizes is a fellow serial killer.

Episode 1: Those Kinds Of Things

Season 6 premiere. Dexter hunts a prom king at his high school reunion.

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