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Episode 12: Surprise, Motherf**ker!

Season 7 finale. LaGuerta closes in on Dexter's secret.

Episode 11: Do You See What I See?

Debra follows up on a potentially incriminating tip.

Episode 10: The Dark... Whatever

A surprise visit from Hannah's father puts Dexter on alert.

Episode 9: Helter Skelter

Dexter deals with Isaak; Miami Metro is on the hunt for an arsonist.

Episode 8: Argentina

Dexter tries to keep Debra in the dark about his relationship with Hannah.

Episode 7: Chemistry

Things heat up as Dexter and Hannah grow closer.

Episode 6: Do The Wrong Thing

Debra meets a crime writer who has dirt on Hannah McKay.

Episode 5: Swim Deep

Dexter discovers that Hannah McKay is hiding a dark secret.

Episode 4: Run

After capturing a deadly killer, things go awry for Miami Metro.

Episode 3: Buck The System

Dexter tries to bring Debra on board with his new target.

Episode 2: Sunshine and Frosty Swirl

Debra attempts to cure Dexter of his killer tendencies.

Episode 1: Are You ...?

Season 7 premiere. Debra attempts to reconcile with Dexter.


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