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Stephen Mangan

Stephen Mangan came to prominence as womanizing anesthetist Guy Secretan in cult series GREEN WING. The hospital-based comedy won a BAFTA and was named Comedy of The Year in the 1996 British Comedy Awards.


Mangan first found fame as popular fictional character Adrian Mole in BBC TV series ADRIAN MOLE: THE CAPPUCINO YEARS.


Since then his career has spanned film, TV, theatre, and radio; always working with the cream of the British comedy world. He most recently appeared in BEYOND THE POLE, a film comedy about a polar expedition. He starred opposite Nicole Kidman and Ben Chaplin in BIRTHDAY GIRL. His other movie credits include Brit rom com CONFETTI, BILLY ELLIOTT, and MARTHA MEET FRANK, DANIEL AND LAURENCE. He has most recently finished filming RUSH, directed by Ron Howard.


On TV, he was among the all-star cast of classic British comedy I'M ALAN PARTRIDGE. He appeared in sitcom NATHAN BARLEY, written by Charlie Brooker and Chris Morris, comedy drama JANE HALL, ITV's Agatha Christie's mystery MISS MARPLE: AT BERTRAM'S HOTEL; the TV movie FREE AGENTS; and the series NEVER BETTER and DIRK GENTLY.


In the past year, he has played Tony Blair in THE HUNT FOR TONY BLAIR in Channel 4's The Comic Book Presents series. He has also provided the voice for Postman Pat in POSTMAN PAT: THE MOVIE.


Mangan studied at Cambridge University when he gained a Master of Arts in Law but went on to the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Art to train as an actor.