New Season Coming in 2015

Episode 9: Episode 209

Season 2. "Man of the Year" Merc finally discovers Jamie and Matt's affair.

Episode 8: Episode 208

Season 2. Matt sleeps with his stalker; Sean is jealous of Beverly's dates.

Episode 7: Episode 207

Season 2. Matt gains some weight; Beverly blind-dates Morning's brother.

Episode 6: Episode 206

Season 2. Matt must enlist one his "Friends" costars to appear in "Pucks!"

Episode 5: Episode 205

Sean and Beverly help Morning deal with a "cheeky" medical emergency.

Episode 4: Episode 204

Sean and Beverly are forced to tweak their latest 'Pucks' script.

Episode 3: Episode 203

Merc's father dies. Morning accidentally reveals a secret to Beverly.

Episode 2: Episode 202

Matt surprises Sean and Beverly with two expensive gifts.

Episode 1: Episode 201

Season 2 premiere. Matt LeBlanc prepares for the 'Pucks' premiere.

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