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Episode 9: Episode 309

Matt learns NBC expects him to audition for a new pilot. Season finale.

Episode 8: Episode 308

Filming on 'Pucks!' draws to a close. Everyone focuses on what's next.

Episode 7: Episode 307

Matt's former stalker loses interest in him. Carol's dreams are dashed.

Episode 6: Episode 306

'Pucks!' is pulled from the schedule. Matt finds solace with a teenage fan.

Episode 5: Episode 305

Sean and Beverly's future looks tenuous. Merc steals his ex-wife's artwork.

Episode 4: Episode 304

Matt's career takes a turn. Merc comes in to pitch new shows to Carol.

Episode 3: Episode 303

Matt tries to get Sean and Beverly to kill him off "Pucks!".

Episode 2: Episode 302

Sean reels from Beverly's news. Carol falls under the spell of a new boss.

Episode 1: Episode 301

Sean and Beverly are back together. Season premiere.

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