New Season Premiere: Thu, Mar 17 at 11 PM ET/PT

Episode 8: #108

Season 1 finale. Vin's girlfriend plans to leave for a new job out of town.

Vin tells the guys about his girlfriend.


Nick gets annoyed by Jimmy playing his didgeridoo.


Episode 7: #107

Season 1. A music producer agrees to kick-start Nic's rap music career.

Nick asks Jimmy for some musical advice.

Beethoven i

Nick gets an opportunity to record his rap music.

Hardcore Rapperi

Episode 6: #106

Season 1. The guys celebrate Steven's forgotten birthday in wild style.

The guys forget Steven's birthday.

Birthday Patroli

Jimmy meets a client at her office for a lunch date.

Lunch Datei

Episode 5: #105

Season 1. A client hires Vin to participate in a salsa dancing competition.

A client hires Vin to be her dancing partner.

Salsa Dancingi

Jimmy goes for a limo ride with a repeat client.

Repeat Clienti

Episode 4: #104

Season 1. Three of the guys are enlisted to babysit; Brace takes a day off.

Jimmy asks Nick to babysit for one of his friends.


Jimmy has his girlfriend over for a home cooked meal.

Gigolo's Relationshipi

Episode 3: #103

Season 1. A dominatrix hires Jimmy to help her practice her new craft.

Brace meets a model for a date.

Guy Toysi

Jimmy meets a client who likes to be dominant.

Adapt to a Clienti

Episode 2: #102

Season 1. Steven struggles financially; a psychic tells the guys' fortunes.

Steven takes a job to pay for his son's summer camp.

A Friend of Minei

The guys go to see a psychic.


Episode 1: #101

Season 1 premiere. Gigolos compete for the business of a wealthy woman.

The guys compete to pick up women at a Las Vegas club.

Bunch of Brothersi

The guys meet their newest Gigolo.

New Bloodi

Behind the Scenes

They're best friends with hearts of gold and bodies of steal, and ladies they are affordable. Showtime presents Gigolos, a new reality series about five guys playing with women.

Behind the Scenes: Gigolosi

Brace discusses people's reaction to his career, his first crush and his take on love.

Gigolos: Meet Bracei

Vin discusses what makes him a great gigolo, his first crush and why he chose this career path.

Gigolos: Meet Vini

Nick talks about what music gets him going, his first crush and how long he intends on staying in the business.

Gigolos: Meet Nicki

Jimmy talks about how he got into the business, his favorite movie and his first crush.

Gigolos: Meet Jimmyi

Steven discusses his first crush and what the future holds for him.

Gigolos: Meet Steveni


Showtime presents a new reality series about the hardest working men in Vegas.

Gigolos Traileri
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