A Showtime Original Series

Episode 8: #108

Season 1 finale. Vin's girlfriend plans to leave for a new job out of town.

Episode 7: #107

Season 1. A music producer agrees to kick-start Nic's rap music career.

Episode 6: #106

Season 1. The guys celebrate Steven's forgotten birthday in wild style.

Episode 5: #105

Season 1. A client hires Vin to participate in a salsa dancing competition.

Episode 4: #104

Season 1. Three of the guys are enlisted to babysit; Brace takes a day off.

Episode 3: #103

Season 1. A dominatrix hires Jimmy to help her practice her new craft.

Episode 2: #102

Season 1. Steven struggles financially; a psychic tells the guys' fortunes.

Episode 1: #101

Season 1 premiere. Gigolos compete for the business of a wealthy woman.

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