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Episode 10: #310

Season 3 finale. Brace decides to get testosterone injections.

Episode 9: #309

Brace considers undergoing a vasectomy.

Episode 8: #308

Steven contemplates a long term job that would take him on a European tour.

Episode 7: #307

A client refuses to hire Vin because he is not "black enough."

Episode 6: #306

A wealthy client wants to meet all the guys to choose who she likes best.

Episode 5: #305

Vin is hired by a voyeuristic couple to perform with two female escorts.

Episode 4: #304

After Nick injures Brace's back, Brace vows revenge.

Episode 3: #303

Garren sends the gigolos to a dude ranch.

Episode 2: #302

Ash goes the extra mile with a client to prove himself to his co-workers.

Episode 1: #301

Brace gets his first spray-tan and Steven clowns around with a client.

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