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Episode 10: 410

Season 4 finale. Nick is knocked off his game. Brace hears wedding bells.

Bradley considers moving back to Los Angeles.


Brace's friend is getting married in Las Vegas.

Old Friend of Minei

Episode 9: 409

Vin becomes a retired art teacher's muse. The gigolos shoot promo videos.

Garren wants to reshoot his promo videos for the gigolos.

Promotional Videosi

It's lights, camera, alcohol when Garren shoots promo videos with the gigolos.

Market These Meni

Episode 8: 408

Vin and Ash consider designing their own cologne. Bradley's date wigs out.

Vin and Ash consider designing their own cologne.

Perfume Hussleri

Brace attends a self defense class with a client.

Krav Magai

Episode 7: 407

Nick meets a super fan and prepares for an appearance on the AVN's.

Nick prepares for an appearance on the AVN's.

Best Girl-Girl Scenei

Vin critiques Brace's website.


Episode 6: 406

Vin turns to the dark side for a client's fantasy.

Ash talks about his relationship with his partner.

Open Relationshipsi

Vin goes on a role playing date.

City of Sini

Episode 5: 405

The gigolos compete to decide who will grace the cover of a new calendar.

The guys go to a photo shoot for their new calendar.

Calendar Photo Shooti

The guys workout before their calendar photo shoot.

Body Buildingi

Episode 4: 404

Ash teaches a new client the art of tantric sex.

Bradley goes on a date where he can't speak.

We Can't Speaki

Brace is concerned about a woman's intentions when she hires both him and Nick.

Hire Two Guysi

Episode 3: 403

Ash and Brace heal their bodies during a spandex filled yoga session.

Ash and Brace attend a Yoga class.

Stretch it Outi

Ash goes on a date with a caregiver from Tennessee.


Episode 2: 402

Brace is hired by a woman with a surprising past.

Bradley tells his brother about his profession.

Bradley's Brotheri

Brace is hired by a woman with a surprising past.

Adult Film Actori

Episode 1: 401

Season 4 premiere. A new gigolo arrives and experiences an identity crisis.

Nick asks the guys for help on his new rap song.

A New Directioni

The guys meet the newest gigolo.



The best in the game are back. Don't miss the season 4 premiere of Gigolos April 18th at 11PM ET/PT.

The Boys are Back (Gigolos Spot)i