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Episode 10: 510

Nick teaches Vin how to swim. Brace goes commercial. Season finale.

Brace shows his new commercial to the rest of the gigolos.

Brace's Commercial i

Brace films a commercial.

Party in My Mindi

Episode 9: 509

Nick must prove that he is the top gun of the crew in a marksmanship duel.

Bradley and his date go dog-fighting in fighter planes.


Nick bets the guys that he has a better shot than Bradley.


Episode 8: 508

The group begins a new chapter. Nick hustles to prep for a photo shoot.

The guys are given the opportunity to write about their experiences.

Writing for Womeni

Brace reads the intro to his story.

Professor Bracei

Episode 7: 507

Nick learns to never challenge a stripper. Brace gets his ass whupped.

Vin and his brother invest in an vodka brand.

Vin's Vodkai

Nick takes Bradley and Ash to a pole dancing class.

Pole Dancing Classi

Episode 6: 506

A wrestling superstar wants to tag his way into the gigolo lifestyle.

Ash role plays as a vampire.

Dressed for the Parti

A wrestling superstar wants to tag his way into the gigolo lifestyle.

Buff Bagwelli

Episode 5: 505

Brace hits a ruff spot. Bradley meets a client's dubious request.

Bradley tries to break into his client's house.

One Door Unlockedi

The guys learn that Brace's dog died.

Brace's Dog Zeusi

Episode 4: 504

Nick challenges Vin to a rap battle. Bradley gets ballsy on his date.

Vin challenges Nick Hawk to a rap battle.

Rap Battlei

Vin reveals to Ash that he used to be a rapper.

Caramel Dogi

Episode 3: 503

Vin takes it on the chin. Nick shows off his private stache.

Nick picks out a fake mustache for a date.


Officer Nick Hawk is on duty and arrests one of his clients.

Officer Nick Hawki

Episode 2: 502

Brace indulges a fetish for a bygone era. Ash becomes a sleepless beauty.

Brace plans a surprise for a client.

A Fantasy Creaturei

Brace and Bradley dress up as a Centaur.


Episode 1: 501

Ash counsels a client. Brace has some no-strings fun. Season premiere.

Bradley takes Nick to get a manicure and pedicure.

Spa Dayi

Brace practices ventriloquism.

Creative Outleti


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Gigolos Season 5 Traileri

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No Fantasy Unfulfilled (Gigolos Spot)i
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