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Episode 12: The Star

Saul plans a rescue as Brody struggles to find redemption. Season finale.

Episode 11: Big Man in Tehran

Brody's loyalty to the mission wavers as Lockhart's confirmation looms.

Episode 10: Good Night

Brody embarks on a risky mission. Quinn makes an uncomfortable discovery.

Episode 9: One Last Thing

Saul gets a win from an unlikely source. Dana grapples with her new life.

Episode 8: A Red Wheel Barrow

Carrie and Quinn pursue a key suspect. Saul deals with political backlash.

Episode 7: Gerontion

Carrie and Quinn scramble as Saul makes the gamble of his career.

Episode 6: Still Positive

As Carrie turns the tables Saul tries to keep an intrusive Senator at bay.

Episode 5: The Yoga Play

Carrie puts her mission on the line. Saul rubs elbows with his adversary.

Episode 4: Game On

Dana goes AWOL, forcing Jessica to call the police. Carrie has a meeting.

Episode 3: Tower Of David

Brody returns to his faith for guidance. Carrie gets a suspicious offer.

Episode 2: Uh... Oh... Ah...

Carrie learns who is really on her side. The Brody family turns to therapy.

Episode 1: Tin Man Is Down

Season 3 premiere. Brody remains at large. Saul plots a counterstrike.

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