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01/07/2015 - 01/05/2016
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When superstar Matt Damon (HIMSELF) calls on Galweather Stearn to find him a charity to enhance his image, Marty discovers he may have to go further than he's willing to keep Damon's business. Elsewhere, Jeannie spends time with Roscoe whileTessa presses Monica about their status.

Written by: Matthew Carnahan

Directed By: Stephen Hopkins

Guest Starring: Bess Armstrong

Guest Starring: Matt Damon

Guest Starring: Skyler Gisondo

Guest Starring: Ronete Levenson

Guest Starring: Noot Seear

Showtime Advisories
Graphic Language, Adult Content, Nudity

30 min.


Audio Format
Surround Sound, Dolby Digital 5.1, English/Spanish

Video Format
HDTV, Closed Captioning

Music From This Episode

song title
performed by
Ghost In My House Ghost In My House
Lucy Schwartz
Instant California Instant California
Sun Rai
You Gotta Go You Gotta Go
Sun Rai