New Season Coming in 2015

Episode 12: The Mayan Apocalypse

Season 1 finale. Marty and the Pod fight the MetroCapital acquisition.

Episode 11: Business

Season 1. Betrayal turns Marty and "The Rainmaker" into mortal enemies.

Episode 10: Prologue and Aftermath

Season 1. Jeannie tries to save an ailing church; Marty fights for custody.

Episode 9: Ouroboros

Season 1. Marty and the Pod are put through the ringer for the merger.

Episode 8: Veritas

Season 1. The team participates in an annual company recruiting event.

Episode 7: Bareback Town

Marty stays monogamous on the road, putting Jeannie in an awkward position.

Episode 6: Our Descent Into Los Angeles

Marty fights with Roscoe's school; Jeannie suffers a case of cold feet.

Episode 5: Utah

Season 1. The racist CEO of a no-frills motel chain won't deal with Marty.

Episode 4: Mini-Mogul

Marty brings Roscoe with him on a job but ends up babysitting a teen CEO.

Episode 3: Microphallus

Marty is surprised when MetroCapitol is interested in acquiring his firm.

Episode 2: Amsterdam

Marty consults for a sports franchise imperiled by a public, messy divorce.

Episode 1: Gods of Dangerous Financial Instruments

Season 1 premiere. Marty and The Pod consult with a greedy New York bank.


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