New Season Coming in 2015

Episode 12: Til Death Do Us Part

Season 2 finale. Marty's dealings lead to unintended consequences.

Episode 11: Hostile Takeover

Marty learns privileged information about Tamara (NIA LONG).

Episode 10: Exit Strategy

Marty covertly makes strides with his future in mind.

Episode 9: Liability

Doug and Clyde have to testify. Monica begins to unravel.

Episode 8: Wonders Of The World

Jeannie meets an unlikely suitor when consulting with an adult toy company.

Episode 7: The Runner Stumbles

Marty faces a moral dilemma when he discovers evidence of a cover-up.

Episode 6: Family Values

The Pod meets Doug's girlfriend. Marty is tempted by Tamara.

Episode 5: Sincerity Is An Easy Disguise In This Business

Marty gets a visit from his militant younger brother (LARENZ TATE).

Episode 4:

Matt Damon (HIMSELF) calls on Marty to help him enhance his image.

Episode 3: Man-date

Marty woos a Las Vegas casino king. Monica connects with her vegan chef.

Episode 2: When Dinosaurs Ruled The Planet

While in Las Vegas, Clyde is seduced by the VIP bottle-service nightlife.

Episode 1: Stochasticity

Season 2 premiere. Marty and the Pod adjust to the "new" Galweather Stearn.


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