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Episode 12: Joshua

Kaan & Associates is rocked by a serious legal blow. Season finale.

Episode 11: Together

Marty and Jeannie deal with the aftermath of a tragic event.

Episode 10: Comeuppance

Jeannie reaches out to a friend for help. Doug makes a play for Caitlin.

Episode 9: Zhang

Lukas takes Marty to his old neighborhood. Roscoe is embarrassed by Lex.

Episode 8: Brinkmanship

The team executes a plan to wrestle control of Marissa's family's company.

Episode 7: Pushback

Marty and Jeannie differ on how to deal with Lukas' sabotage of DollaHyde.

Episode 6: Middlegame

Marty is tested and considers a double cross. Doug makes a fatal mistake.

Episode 5: Soldiers

Marty and Jeannie launch a duplicitous plan. Clyde woos a big client.

Episode 4: Associates

Marty deals with hip-hop clothing moguls. Jeannie defines her new role.

Episode 3: Boom

Marty and Jeannie put a plan into action. Clyde works out of Monica's home.

Episode 2: Power

Marty meets Roscoe's new crush, Lex. Jeannie makes a power move.

Episode 1: Wreckage

Marty and his new Kaan & Associates pod pursue a CEO. Season premiere.

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