New Episodes: Tue, May 5 at 11 PM ET/PT


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New Season Coming Soon

Watch David Steinberg interview comics Cheech and Chong, Bryan Cranston, Wanda Sykes, Jon Stewart, and more in a new season coming soon.

Meet the Comics

Find out about the comics from Season 3, including Jimmy Fallon, Richard Lewis, Bette Midler, Kevin Nealon, and many more.

Reddit AMA with David Steinberg

Read an exclusive Reddit AMA with David and fans.

More Comedy Specials

Watch more comedy specials on Showtime.

David Steinberg

Check out the official site of the Inside Comedy host and executive producer.

About the Series

This comedy documentary series from veteran funny-man David Steinberg and Steve Carell reveals the inspirations, influences and idols of some of the greatest comics of our time. Big stars, living legends and up-and-comers share never-before-heard anecdotes, intimate memories and career-defining moments from the past five decades of comedy. Steinberg also elicits personal struggles and shares rare footage of his famous guests.