A Showtime Comedy Series

Episode 10: Kevin Pollack / Bob Saget / Larry Miller

Host David Steinberg. Guests: Kevin Pollak, Bob Saget and Larry Miller.

David Steinberg interviews Bob Saget.

Bob Sageti

David Steinberg interviews Kevin Pollak.

Kevin Pollaki

Episode 9: Fred Willard / Catherine O'Hara

Host David Steinberg. Guests: Catherine O'Hara and Fred Willard.

David Steinberg interviews Catherine O'Hara.

Catherine O'Harai

David Steinberg interviews Fred Willard.

Fred Willardi

Episode 8: Richard Lewis / Gilbert Gottfried

Host David Steinberg. Guests: Richard Lewis and Gilbert Gottfried.

Richard Lewis discusses his forty years of stand up comedy.

Richard Lewisi

Gilbert Gottfried and David Steinberg talk about The Aristocrats.

Gilbert Gottfriedi

Episode 7: Key & Peele / Garry Marshall

Host David Steinberg. Keegan-Michael Key & Jordan Peele and Garry Marshall.

David Steinberg interviews Garry Marshall.

Garry Marshalli

David Steinberg interviews Key and Peele.

Key and Peelei

Key and Peele discuss getting recognition on the streets of New York City and the internet.


Episode 6: Dick Van Dyke

Host David Steinberg. Guests: Dick Van Dyke. plus a surprise guest.

Dick Van Dyke discusses The Dick Van Dyke Show and working with Mary Tyler Moore.

The Dick Van Dyke Showi

David Steinberg interviews Dick Van Dyke about his first role.

First Rolei

Episode 5: Eric Idle / Bob Einstein

Host David Steinberg. Guests: Eric Idle and Bob Einstein.

Bob Einstein discusses working with Redd Foxx.

Bob Einstein Works With Redd Foxxi

David Steinberg interviewsEric Idle.

Eric Idlei

David Steinberg interviews Bob Einstein.

Bob Einsteini

Episode 4: Andrew Dice Clay / Kevin Nealon

Host David Steinberg. Guests: Andrew Dice Clay and Kevin Nealon.

David Steinberg interviews Andrew Dice Clay.

Andrew Dice Clayi

David Steinberg interviews Kevin Nealon.

Kevin Nealoni

Episode 3: Bette Midler/Richard Belzer

Host David Steinberg. Guests: Bette Midler and Richard Belzer.

Richard Belzer talks about his early days as a comedian.

Richard Belzeri

Bette Midler discusses the beginning of her career.

Bette Midleri

Episode 2: Jonah Hill / Alan Arkin

Host David Steinberg. Guests: Jonah Hill and Alan Arkin.

Jonah Hill discusses his family and working with Martin Scorsese.

Jonah Hilli

Alan Arkin talks about his time in St. Louis and then Second City in Chicago.

Alan Arkini

Episode 1: Fallon / Galifianakis

Host David Steinberg. Jimmy Fallon and Zach Galafianakis. Season premiere.

Zach Galafianakis discusses the beginning of his comedy career.

Zach Galafianakisi

Jimmy Fallon discusses his comedic influences as a child.

Jimmy Falloni


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