New Season Premiere: Sun, Jul 13 at 10 PM ET/PT

Episode 12: Manhigh

Masters' presents his and Johnson's findings. Season finale.

Episode 11: Phallic Victories

Masters prepares to present his findings. Dr. DePaul opens up to Virginia.

Episode 10: Fallout

A nationwide civil defense drill escalates conflicts among the staff.

Episode 9: Involuntary

Haas and Vivian's wedding plans get sidetracked. Libby keeps a secret.

Episode 8: Love and Marriage

Masters and Johnson enlist outside help. Scully battles his sexual desires.

Episode 7: All Together Now

Masters and Johnson join the study as participants. Libby renews treatment.

Episode 6: Brave New World

Libby and Masters visit Miami. Jane aids Virginia in debunking a theory.

Episode 5: Catherine

Johnson tries to connect with her son. Masters experiences anxiety.

Episode 4: Thank You For Coming

Masters and Johnson recruit new participants. Masters' mother visits.

Episode 3: Standard Deviation

Dr. Haas gets the case of a lifetime - a woman pregnant with quadruplets.

Episode 2: Race to Space

The study is forced out of the hospital and Masters moves it to a brothel.

Episode 1: Pilot

Series premiere. Dr. William Masters conducts a study of human sexuality.

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