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The Thomas Crown Affair

Stylish remake of the 1968 crime caper about a millionaire playboy thief, Thomas Crown (Pierce Brosnan), who steals priceless works of art for the sheer, adrenaline-fueled fun of it, and the sexy insurance investigator (Rene Russo) who's both attracted to her suspect and determined to nab him. Denis Leary costars in this classy, witty thriller.

Story by: Alan Trustman

Screenplay by: Leslie Dixon &

Screenplay by: Kurt Wimmer

Directed by: John McTiernan

Duration: 114 mins

Genre: Action, Romance, Mystery & Thrillers

Advisories: Adult Language, Adult Content, Nudity, Violence

Rating: R

Audio Format: Surround Sound, Dolby Digital 5.1, English/Spanish

Video Format: HDTV, Closed Captioning