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Where The Money Is

Paul Newman stars in this feel-good crime caper about a convict who fakes being the victim of a stroke in order to be placed in a convalescent home for senior citizens. It's a classic scam until the con artist felon meets his match in a bored nurse (Linda Fiorentino) who wants to shake off her humdrum existence by knocking over a bank. Dermot Mulroney costars in this charming and funny romp.

Story by: E. Max Frye

Screenplay by: E. Max Frye and

Screenplay by: Topper Lilien &

Screenplay by: Carroll Cartwright

Directed by: Marek Kanievska

Duration: 89 mins

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Advisories: Adult Language, Adult Content, Violence

Rating: PG13

Audio Format: Surround Sound, Stereo

Video Format: Original Aspect Ratio, Letterbox, OAR Upconverted, Closed Captioning