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Chick Magnet

Recently unemployed, down-on-his-luck Phil is also kicked out of his house by his fed-up wife, and forced to bunk with two loser buddies from his college years. That's when the hapless trio discovers a shirt once owned by the author of the "Kama Sutra" that grants the wearer fantastic powers of seduction over women. While his pals use the magical garment to score with a bevy of beautiful babes, Phil deploys it to win back the love of his life. Jeff Venables, Josh Beren and Meili Cady star in this racy sex comedy.

Written by: Ryan R. Williams &

Written by: Jeff Venables

Directed by: Ryan R. Williams

Duration: 88 mins

Genre: Comedy

Advisories: Graphic Language, Adult Content, Nudity, Strong Sexual Content, Mild Violence

Rating: R

Audio Format: English/Spanish, Stereo

Video Format: HDTV, Closed Captioning