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11/12/2014 - 02/03/2015

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11/12/2014 - 02/03/2015
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28 Hotel Rooms

Both traveling for work, in a city in which neither lives, a man (Chris Messina) and a woman (Marin Ireland) have a one-night stand. Months later, in another city, they run into each other in a hotel restaurant and sleep together a second time. Though she's married and he has a girlfriend, they decide to keep meeting in this intimate portrait of an affair between two people as they wrestle with the intoxication of love, and the pain, guilt and confusion of loving more than one person.

Written by: Matt Ross

Directed by: Matt Ross

Duration: 82 mins

Genre: Drama

Advisories: Adult Language, Adult Content, Nudity, Strong Sexual Content

Rating: TVMA

Audio Format: Surround Sound, Dolby Digital 5.1, English/Spanish

Video Format: HDTV, Letterbox, Closed Captioning