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09/17/2014 - 12/09/2014

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09/17/2014 - 12/09/2014
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Nature Calls

Determined to mount one last comeback for his dwindling troop, Scoutmaster Randy Stevens (Patton Oswalt) pays a visit to his business-minded brother (Johnny Knoxville), who's throwing a slumber party for his newly adopted 10-year-old son. Randy pressures the boys to secretly ditch the party and join him on a weekend scout trip where they land in trouble at every turn - yet ultimately become a troop to be reckoned with.

Screenplay by: Todd Rohal

Directed by: Todd Rohal

Duration: 79 mins

Genre: Comedy, Action, Drama

Advisories: Graphic Language, Adult Content, Nudity, Mild Violence

Rating: R

Audio Format: Dolby Digital 5.1, English/Spanish, Stereo

Video Format: HDTV, Letterbox, Closed Captioning