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Masters of Sex

Friday, July 4

6:00PMS1 EP 1: Pilot

7:00PM S1 EP 2: Race to Space

8:00PM S1 EP 3: Standard Deviation

9:00PM S1 EP 4: Thank You For Coming

10:00PM S1 EP 5: Catherine

11:00PM S1 EP 6: Brave New World

Masters of Sex

Saturday, July 5

6:00PM S1 EP 7: All Together Now

7:00PM S1 EP 8: Love and Marriage

8:00PM S1 EP 9: Involuntary

9:00PM S1 EP 10: Fallout

10:00PM S1 EP 11: Phallic Victories

11:00PM S1 EP 12: Manhigh

Ray Donovan

Sunday, July 6

12:00PM S1 EP 1: The Bag Or The Bat

1:00PM S1 EP 2: A Mouth Is A Mouth

2:00PM S1 EP 3: Twerk

3:00PM S1 EP 4: Black Cadillac

4:00PM S1 EP 5: The Golem

5:00PM S1 EP 6: Housewarming

6:00PM S1 EP 7: New Birthday

7:00PM S1 EP 8: Bridget

8:00PM S1 EP 9: Road Trip

9:00PM S1 EP 10: Fite Nite

10:00PM S1 EP 11: Bucky F**kn' Dent

11:00PM S1 EP 12: Same Exactly

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Roadies: The Load Out