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Saying Goodbye

Watch the cast reflect on Nurse Jackie coming to an end.

Edie Falco's Favorite Moment

Edie Falco discusses her favorite scene from Nurse Jackie.

Merritt Wever on Zoey

Watch Merritt Wever discuss the evolution of Zoey over the past 7 seasons.

Zoey's Best Quotes

"I feel so alive, like I just ate a bunch of fresh fish." Click through to see more of our favorite Zoey-isms.

Edie Falco Answers Fan Questions

Visit the Nurse Jackie Facebook page to see what Edie Falco had to say during her fan Q&A.

Anatomy of Nurse Jackie

Check out a physical breakdown of everything Jackie's been through.

Paul Schulze's Favorite Moment

Watch Paul Schulze divulge his favorite scene from Nurse Jackie.

Dominic Fumusa's Favorite Moment

Watch an interview with Dominic Fumusa about his favorite memory from filming.

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Nurse Jackie Live Wallpaper

Get your fix with this addicting live wallpaper.

About the Series

Edie Falco stars in her Emmy® winning role as Nurse Jackie, a skilled nurse with a nasty drug habit. She lies, she cheats, she steals, she hurts, she bamboozles friends, fools family, pops pills and breaks hearts. But you still root for her because on the worst day of your life, hers is the only face you want to see. With an addict's survival skills and an attitude that just won't quit, she'll do whatever it takes to hold onto the things that truly matter to her -- her friends, her family and her job.