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Episode 12: Health Care And Cinema

Season 1. The movie critic awakens with new tastes; Eddie learns the truth.

Episode 11: Pill-O-Matix

Season 1. Eddie is replaced by a machine; Zoey puts a critic into a coma.

Episode 10: Ring Finger

Season 1. Jackie must remove her wedding ring before a tryst with Eddie.

Episode 9: Nose Bleed

Season 1. Jackie has a drug-induced nosebleed and forges an organ donation.

Episode 8: Pupil

Season 1. Jackie discovers that a new male temp nurse is abusing drugs.

Episode 7: Steak Knife

Season 1. A man is admitted to the ER with a steak knife in his chest.

Episode 6: Tiny Bubbles

Season 1. Jackie's terminally ill old friend requests to be euthanized.

Episode 5: Daffodil

Season 1. Jackie breaks the rules to help a girl and her ailing mother.

Episode 4: School Nurse

Season 1. Jackie considers sending her troubled daughter to private school.

Episode 3: Chicken Soup

Season 1. Jackie treats an elderly patient suffering from heart disease.

Episode 2: Sweet 'n All

Season 1. Jackie worries that her daughter may have an anxiety disorder.

Episode 1: Pilot

Season 1 premiere. A veteran nurse hides an affair and a drug addiction.

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