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Episode 12: Years of Service

Season 2 finale. Jackie is confronted by those who know her secrets.

Episode 11: What The Day Brings

Season 2. A family vacation unravels when Jackie leaves her pills behind.

Episode 10: Sleeping Dogs

Season 2. Jackie is caught faking an exam result; Eddie returns.

Episode 9: P.O. Box

Season 2. Jackie sets up a secret post office box; Akalitus rehires Eddie.

Episode 8: Monkey Bits

Season 2. Eddie dates a friend of Coop's; Grace sees a psychiatrist.

Episode 7: Silly String

Season 2. Coop insults a big donor; Jackie reconsiders her renewed affair.

Episode 6: Bleeding

Season 2. Jackie sleeps with Eddie again, then finds a new drug score.

Episode 5: Caregiver

Season 2. Coop becomes the hospital's face in a public marketing campaign.

Episode 4: Apple Bong

Season 2. Jackie dispenses illegal medical marijuana to a needy patient.

Episode 3: Candyland

Season 2. Jackie refuses a friend's loan and is caught snorting drugs.

Episode 2: Twitter

Season 2. Jackie covers for a hung over O'Hara; Eddie befriends Kevin.

Episode 1: Comfort Food

Season 2 premiere. Job stress threatens Jackie's recommitment to family.

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