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Episode 12: ...deaf blind tumor pee-test...

Season 3 finale. Jackie dodges a urine test; Kevin makes a confession.

Episode 11: Batting Practice

Season 3. O'Hara agrees to help Jackie dose down; Kevin is oddly evasive.

Episode 10: F**k the Lemurs

Season 3. Jackie is placed on probation over the Oncology drugs she stole.

Episode 9: Have You Met Miss Jones?

Season 3. Desperate for a high, Jackie's confronted about the stolen drugs.

Episode 8: The Astonishing

Season 3. Jackie accuses Kelly of impropriety with two high school girls.

Episode 7: Orchids & Salami

Season 3. Kevin finds Jackie's stash so she steals drugs from Oncology.

Episode 6: When the Saints Go

Season 3. The Church removes its chapel statues; a new nurse annoys Jackie.

Episode 5: Rat Falls

Season 3. Jackie panics when her stash runs low; Coop receives bad news.

Episode 4: Mitten

Season 3. Jackie conceals her stash in a new spot; O'Hara becomes ER chief.

Episode 3: Play Me

Season 3. Kevin's sister visits; street vendors are injured in a turf war.

Episode 2: Enough Rope

Season 3. Jackie is remorseful when she hears O'Hara is seeking a new job.

Episode 1: Game On

Season 3 premiere. Post-intervention, Jackie's relationships are strained.

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