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Episode 10: Handle Your Scandal

Season 4 finale. Cruz pushes Jackie to the breaking point then fires her.

Episode 9: Are Those Feathers?

Season 4. Jackie seizes control of an overflowing emergency room.

Episode 8: Chaud & Froid

Season 4. Jackie's coworkers are punished for covering up her addiction.

Episode 7: Day Of The Iguana

Season 4. Jackie covers for her boss when he experiences a panic attack.

Episode 6: no-kimono-zone

Season 4. Jackie has a disturbing dream about using; Zoey loses her ring.

Episode 5: One-Armed Jacks

Season 4. Jackie meets Kevin for lunch but is served with divorce papers.

Episode 4: Slow Growing Monsters

Season 4. Jackie learns that her daughter knows the truth about rehab.

Episode 3: The Wall

Season 4. Jackie leaves rehab early against her therapist's advice.

Episode 2: disneyland sucks

Season 4. Jackie detoxes in rehab, where she befriends a teenage addict.

Episode 1: kettle-kettle-black-black

Season 4 premiere. Jackie hits rock bottom and seeks professional help.


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