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Episode 10: Soul

Season 5 finale. Jackie celebrates one year of sobriety.

Episode 9: Heart

Jackie and Frank have sex. Kevin finds a bag of pills in Grace's bag.

Episode 8: Forget It

Kevin interrupts Jackie and Frank's night. Jackie attends an AA meeting.

Episode 7: Teachable Moments

Zoey hears Coop and Carrie having sex. Jackie worries about Frank.

Episode 6: Walk of Shame

Jackie recoups from her night of indiscretion. Cruz has his exit interview.

Episode 5: Good Thing

Jackie is nervous about her date with Frank. Mike Cruz calls Jackie.

Episode 4: Lost Girls

Jackie tasks Zoey with finding out a female patient's identity.

Episode 3: Smile

Carrie writes Jackie a prescription for Oxy, unaware she's an addict.

Episode 2: Luck Of The Drawing

Jackie and Kevin are at a stalemate in their divorce mediation.

Episode 1: Happy F**king Birthday

Season 5 premiere. It's the day before Jackie's (Edie Falco) birthday.

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