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Jon Voight

Oscar® and three-time Golden Globe® winner Jon Voight launched his career with the role as hustler Joe Buck in the ground-breaking film MIDNIGHT COWBOY. In 1978, he won the Oscar® for Best Actor for his portrayal of a quadriplegic Vietnam War veteran in COMING HOME. He also received Oscar® and Golden Globe® nominations for his performance in RUNAWAY TRAIN. 

Other film credits include DELIVERANCE, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE, VARSITY BLUES, HOLES, and NATIONAL TREASURE. After playing Robert De Niro's underworld contact in HEAT, Voight also starred in THE RAINMAKER, ENEMY OF THE STATE, and TOMB RAIDER, opposite his real-life daughter Angelina Jolie. His co-starring role as Howard Cosell in ALI earned him an Oscar® nomination. In television, he starred in the seventh season of the hit drama series 24.

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