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In the Season 2 premiere, despite her breakup with Steve, Fiona tends bar at a local hotspot with Veronica, hangs out with a successful young business executive, and enjoys her youth; Debbie runs a daycare with Carl; Ian takes over at the Kash and Grab when Kash leaves town; Lip runs a Little League book and helps Kev out with their annual ice cream/pot truck; despite Eddie's disappearance, Sheila takes small steps to finally leave the house; Frank loses a bet and surrenders Liam as collateral.

Written by: John Wells

Directed By: Mark Mylod

Showtime Advisories
Graphic Language, Adult Content, Violence, Nudity

54 min.


Audio Format
Surround Sound, Dolby Digital 5.1

Video Format
Closed Captioning, HDTV

Music From This Episode

song title
performed by
Right Hand On My Heart Right Hand On My Heart
The Whigs
Ooh, I Like It Ooh, I Like It
Ultra Violet Sound
Dawn Dawn
The Chesterfield Kings
Born to Party Born to Party
Julia Michaels
Get Your Hustle On Get Your Hustle On
Beyond Music Library
Riff Raff (Instr.) Riff Raff (Instr.)
Climb Every Mountain Climb Every Mountain
Rogers & Hammerstein
She's A Backstabber She's A Backstabber
Baby Strange
Death is the Only Real Thing Death is the Only Real Thing
The Chesterfield Kings
Don't Stop Rocking (D-R10079) Don't Stop Rocking (D-R10079)
The Diner Music Library
CMI2138 Get On Board (Instr.) CMI2138 Get On Board (Instr.)
The Third Grade Hater
When The Saints When The Saints
Dick & Harry
I Lie I Lie
The Leaning Eaves
Drinking Time Drinking Time
5 Alarm Music Library
Style Style
Phil Ogden & Bryan Steele
El Diablo El Diablo
Doers and Sayers Doers and Sayers
The Sour Notes
Breakneck Speed (Instr.) Breakneck Speed (Instr.)
Tokyo Police Club
The Master The Master
East Coast
No Place I'd Rather Be No Place I'd Rather Be
The Light Brigade