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A Great Cause

Fiona starts to plan for her future now that Monica is back but her reprieve may be short-lived as Monica falls apart, spends the squirrel fund and gets arrested; Steve conspires to reunite Estefania with her true love so that he can be with Fiona; Lip and Ian learn the true identity of Mandy's baby; Sheila takes in a homeless crack addict.

Written by: Etan Frankel

Directed By: Mimi Leder

Showtime Advisories
Graphic Language, Adult Content, Nudity

55 min.


Audio Format
Surround Sound, Dolby Digital 5.1

Video Format
Closed Captioning, HDTV

Music From This Episode

song title
performed by
D-PROO89 Fast Pop Rock D-PROO89 Fast Pop Rock
The Diner
Wake Up (Instr.) Wake Up (Instr.)
Sydney Wayser
Found at the Lake Found at the Lake
Extreme Music Library
Hammer of Doom Hammer of Doom
Extreme Music Library
Approaching Evil Approaching Evil
APM Music Library
Riff Raff (Instr.) Riff Raff (Instr.)
Thunderhorse (Instr.) Thunderhorse (Instr.)
The Diamond Light
Edge of Joy Edge of Joy
Carla Werner
The Naked Flame (Instr.) The Naked Flame (Instr.)
Ivan Julian
My First Wish My First Wish
Miss Eighty 6
Funba Rumba Funba Rumba
Extreme Music Library
Hunt You Down (Instr.) Hunt You Down (Instr.)
Landlocked (Instr.) Landlocked (Instr.)
Chris Pureka
The Shade The Shade
Dead Country
Noches En Granada Noches En Granada
5Alarm Music Library
If It Bleeds (Instr.) If It Bleeds (Instr.)
Middle Distance Runner
Against All Odds Against All Odds
written by Phil Collins (Sung by Jody)
Let it go (Instr.) Let it go (Instr.)
The Village Green
Come On (Instr.) Come On (Instr.)
The Village Green
Discovering Spain Discovering Spain
Extreme Music Library
Hometown Fantasy (Instr.) Hometown Fantasy (Instr.)
The Wooden Birds
American Sunset American Sunset
5Alarm Music Library
Beginning Beginning
Jimmy and JZ
Boxer (Instr.) Boxer (Instr.)
Middle Distance Runner
Potions Potions
Sydney Wayser
Hangman (Instr.) Hangman (Instr.)
Chris Pureka
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