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12/23/2014 - 12/22/2015
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A Bottle of Jean Nate

Lip tries to get back in Karen's good graces by crafting a prenuptial agreement for her and Jody, while Ian continues to give Lip the silent treatment; Frank wants to kick Grammy out but Fiona resists until the basement meth lab explodes; Fiona is invited on a boat trip but doesn't realize Steve and his girlfriend are also attending.

Written by: Nancy Pimental

Directed By: David Nutter

Guest Starring: Zach McGowan

Guest Starring: Stephanie Fantauzzi

Showtime Advisories
Graphic Language, Adult Content, Nudity, Mild Violence

50 min.


Audio Format
Surround Sound, Dolby Digital 5.1, English/Spanish

Video Format
HDTV, Closed Captioning

Music From This Episode

song title
performed by
Not Gonna Play By Your Rules Not Gonna Play By Your Rules
The Diner
All Out of Love All Out of Love
Clive Davis and Graham Russell
CMI2137 Overdrive CMI2137 Overdrive
The Third Grade Haters
Jumping High Contact Jumping High Contact
Darko Saric
Fear Not Fear Not
The Lion Vibes
In the Dark In the Dark
Who's The Mac Who's The Mac
$traw the Vegas Don
Get That Money Get That Money
Clutchshooter Clutchshooter
Kid Kamakazi
Dance (The Way It Moves) Dance (The Way It Moves)
The DNC Feat. Gigi
Even Though Even Though
Kiss from a Rose Kiss from a Rose
All The Way All The Way
Derek Ash
My Fixed Gear Bike My Fixed Gear Bike
The Diner
Ain't it Weird Ain't it Weird
The Goodnight Loving