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A Long Way From Home

Knowing that Frank is the real source of her problems, Fiona makes a bold decision regarding her future with the kids. All she needs is a full-time job and a house, so she and Lip set out to forge Aunt Ginger's will and to find a dead body to go with it. Debbie and Carl continue to deal with their foster homes. Frank prepares for his court appearance by getting sober. Timmy Wong and his mother arrive at Sheila's to take Hymie.

Written by: Etan Frankel

Directed By: Mimi Leder

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From The A.V. Club:
Since this season of Shameless began, I've been wondering if and when Monica would saunter back in to throw the Gallaghers into a state of disarray as only she can.


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Graphic Language, Adult Content, Nudity

52 min.


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Music From This Episode

song title
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Take It All Back Take It All Back
The Luck You Got The Luck You Got
The High Strung
Morir Tremenda Cosa...Uma Fatale Morir Tremenda Cosa...Uma Fatale
courtesy of Extreme Music
Freak Nastiest Freak Nastiest
courtesy of Extreme Music
Potions Potions
Sydney Wayser
Simple Things Simple Things
New Cassettes
White Lies White Lies
courtesy of Extreme Music
All or Nothing All or Nothing
courtesy of Extreme Music
He's My Friend He's My Friend
courtesy of Extreme Music
Step On Up Step On Up
courtesy of Killer Tracks Music
Wait for the Man Wait for the Man
Cracks in the Sky Cracks in the Sky
Take a Chance Take a Chance
Justin Dubay
Canyon Canyon
courtesy of Extreme Music
Oh Oh
Everything You Want Everything You Want
Standing Shadows
Ass Like That Ass Like That
courtesy of Extreme Music
Art of Betrayal Art of Betrayal
courtesy of Extreme Music
Fast Pop Rock Fast Pop Rock
courtesy of The Diner Music
Kickin Down Doors Kickin Down Doors
courtesy of Extreme Music
The Fury The Fury
Middle Distance Runner