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Episode 12: Fiona Interrupted

Season 2 finale. Frank schemes to break Monica out of psychiatric care.

Episode 11: Just Like the Pilgrims Intended

Season 2. It's a tumultuous and typical Gallagher family Thanksgiving.

Episode 10: A Great Cause

Season 2. Fiona makes plans for her future now that Monica has returned.

Episode 9: Hurricane Monica

Season 2. Monica returns to party and scheme with Frank, but for how long?

Episode 8: Parenthood

Season 2. With Grammy nearing death, Frank walks out; Lip gets expelled.

Episode 7: A Bottle of Jean Nate

Season 2. Fiona resists kicking Grammy out until her meth lab explodes.

Episode 6: Can I Have a Mother

Season 2. Grammy Gallagher visits; Frank learns who Eddie's beneficiary is.

Episode 5: Father's Day

Season 2. Frank tries to claim Eddie's benefits; Fiona lies about her past.

Episode 4: A Beautiful Mess

Season 2. Fiona deals with an angry wife when her affair is revealed.

Episode 3: I'll Light a Candle for You Every Day

Season 2. Frank mulls marriage; Fiona meets a married high school crush.

Episode 2: Summer Loving

Season 2. Frank woos a fellow drinker with declining health and a pension.

Episode 1: Summertime

Season 2 premiere. Frank surrenders baby Liam as collateral in a lost bet.

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