Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I sync to programming using SHO Sync for iPad or iPhone?

A: SHO Sync uses the built in microphone on your iPad or iPhone to listen for any Showtime programming that is enhanced with SHO Sync. If it detects that you are watching a SHO Sync enhanced episode, it will automatically alert you and ask if you'd like to join. If the app is not syncing, make sure that your iPad or iPhone has a strong connection to the internet (Wi-Fi or LTE). Try turning up the volume on your TV and minimize background noise such as other people talking or music playing.

Q: How do I sync to programming using SHO Sync for Smart TVs?

A: On supported Smart TVs, you will see an onscreen invitation after a few minutes of viewing SHO Sync enhanced programming. Once the prompt appears, just click the OK/Select button on your TV's remote control anytime during the show to join.

If it's not syncing, make sure you are using a HDMI cable to connect your video playback device to your Smart TV. You should also confirm that your Smart TV has a strong internet connection. You can confirm the strength of your internet connection in the TV manufacturer's on screen menu under the category "Network". On LG Smart TVs, ensure you have "Live Plus" enabled in the TV's Settings menu.

Q: Does SHO Sync work with DVDs or digital downloads?

A: Yes, SHO Sync for Smart TV, iPad and iPhone will sync to the programming whether it's playing from the Showtime channel, Showtime On Demand, Showtime Anytime, DVD or digital download. For SHO Sync for Smart TVs, be sure to use an HDMI cable to connect your video playback device to your TV.

Q: Are all of the programs on Showtime enhanced with SHO Sync?

A: Not all episodes of all shows are SHO Sync enhanced, but hundreds are. In the SHO Sync iPad/iPhone app, visit the "More Series" section from the home screen to see a grid of all available shows. Smart TV users can consult the Featured Programming section of the SHO Sync page on

Q: Can I sync to movies or sports?

A: Not at this time.

Q: Does SHO Sync work outside the US?

A: No, SHO Sync will only work inside the US.

Q: What are points and achievements?

A: You can earn points and achievements in SHO Sync by correctly answering trivia and predictive questions and even just for playing along. It's a fun way to test your knowledge and to compete against other users.

Q: Can I redeem points in SHO Sync for prizes?

A: Not at this time.

Q: Is SHO Sync available for other devices besides the iPad, iPhone and Smart TVs?

A: Not at this time.

Q: Can I watch full episodes and movies in the SHO Sync app for iPad and iPhone?

A: No, you cannot stream full-length programming in the SHO Sync iPad/iPhone app. To watch Showtime on your mobile device, please download the Showtime Anytime app. Showtime Anytime is included as part of your Showtime subscription through participating TV providers - and also available on more devices. Learn more here.

Q: Can I access SHO Sync content when I'm not synced to an episode?

A: In the SHO Sync app for iPad/iPhone, you can browse all of the SHO Sync content by simply selecting an episode and swiping left and right to move through pages of content. SHO Sync for Smart TV content is only displayed when you are synced with the programming.

Q: What kind of Smart TV do I need to experience SHO Sync?

A: SHO Sync is available on an increasing list of Smart TVs form the following manufacturer(s): LG Electronics: Models with the "Live Plus" feature. Complete list: here

Q: How can I disable SHO Sync pop-ups on my TV?

A: On LG Smart TVs, you can disable interactivity and all pop-ups that appear over video programming. To do so, bring up the Settings menu on your LG TV, select the "Option" section and set "Live Plus" to off.

Q: How can I contact SHO Sync customer support?

A: For questions about SHO Sync for Smart TVs, please email us at: For questions about SHO Sync for iPad/iPhone, please email us at:

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