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Episode 13: Taking The Plunge

In the Season 1 finale, Dr. Todd tells Cathy her bee therapy did not work.

Episode 12: Everything That Rises Must Converge

Season 1. Cathy receives non-traditional "bee treatments" for cancer.

Episode 11: New Beginnings

Season 1. A lunch at a strip club influences Cathy's treatment choice.

Episode 10: Divine Intervention

Season 1. Cathy visits Andrea's home; Paul gets revenge for Cathy's affair.

Episode 9: The Ecstasy And The Agony

Season 1. Paul discovers his wife's affair and demands a divorce.

Episode 8: Happy Birthday, Cancer

Season 1. Paul throws a surprise birthday party for Cathy.

Episode 7: Two For The Road

Season 1. Cathy confesses her condition to Sean, who takes the news poorly.

Episode 6: Taking Lumps

Season 1. Cathy reluctantly calls Lenny for a ride home after a lumpectomy.

Episode 5: Blue-Eyed Iris

Season 1. Cathy meets an artist who is painting a mural at the school.

Episode 4: Playing the Cancer Car

Season 1. Cathy cashes out her retirement savings to buy a convertible.

Episode 3: There's No C In Team

Season 1. Cathy joins a support group; a neighbor discovers her secret.

Episode 2: Summer Time

Season 1. Cathy learns how long she has left and requests a separation.

Episode 1: Pilot

Series premiere. A suburban wife and mother receives startling news.

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