A Showtime Original Series

Episode 13: Crossing The Line

Season 2 finale. Lee's passing inspires Cathy to celebrate the New Year.

Episode 12: The Darkest Day

Season 2. Surprising secrets are revealed about both Myk and Poppy.

Episode 11: Fight or Flight

Season 2. Cathy makes a big decision regarding her family.

Episode 10: How Do You Feel?

Season 2. Cathy helps Lee check a few items off his "bucket list."

Episode 9: A Little Death

Season 2. Rebecca grieves over her miscarriage in an unexpected way.

Episode 8: The Last Thanksgiving

Season 2. Cathy hosts a disastrous Thanksgiving dinner at home.

Episode 7: Goldilocks and the Bears

Season 2. Paul rises above his jealousy and goes out with Cathy and Lee.

Episode 6: The Little c

Season 2. Adam's indiscretion threatens Cathy's new job as a swim coach.

Episode 5: Cats and Dogs

Season 2. Cathy runs into Lee and has a surprising day with him.

Episode 4: Boo!

Season 2. Cathy is intrigued by a new friend and fellow cancer patient.

Episode 3: Sexual Healing

Season 2. Cathy and Paul experience frustration in the bedroom.

Episode 2: Musical Chairs

Season 2. Cathy resorts to supernatural aid; Sean becomes more assertive.

Episode 1: Losing Patients

Season 2 premiere. Cathy seeks a second opinion; Adam goes to therapy.

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